3:21 PM

I remember one particular Sunday when I was in Elementary School. I woke up to my Dad cleaning out our garage. In the driveway was all of our camping equipment. I watched as he brought out one by one, lanterns and grills and tarps. “Are we going camping?”, I asked. “Not quite”, He said. And then he went on to tell me that he felt called to give away our camping equipment. I helped him pack all the stuff into our little Kia and then he invited me along on the journey. We drove a handful of miles away to a place called Tent City, a community of homeless people. They were wonderful folks, full of life but missing some basic necessities. I watched as my father humbly set down our camping equipment at the entrance. And instead of giving his donation and leaving, he did something better. He talked to them, and he laughed with them. And my young eyes watched my Dad serve those people. And that is when I made up my mind, that my father was the best man in the world.

So Dad, here is what I want you to know. That day at Tent City, you taught me what it was to love people, what it was to serve people and what it was to answer God’s call. I see it in the way you live your life. I see it in the hours you work overtime, in the lyrics of the songs you craft, in the way you tell your stories and in the hum of your guitar. You are the standard to which I hold men to and the reason I can walk confidently towards my dreams. 

Happy Fathers Day Papa. I love you.

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