Fish Tacos

10:29 PM

Today my mom told me I should write a book. I disagreed with her, then started writing. Will it end up with my 15+ journals I found half written in my closet? Probably, but I have become fascinated with the possibility of doing what I think I can not do.

Like running, for instance. I can't stand running, I hate every asthma-ridden moment of it. But today I ran. It was not enjoyable, but I did it and I am now one mile stronger than yesterday. And tomorrow I just might do it again.

It has taken me some time and a bit of courage to come back to that place in my mind where I can write. It's easy to leave this place and think that my work is done, my purpose utilized and simply go back to life. For me life is serving fish tacos with extra ranch and the special brew of the month to biker tourists from Canada and Island locals. And there was a voice in my head today telling me that I am less valuable because of it. I'm lonely, there it is. Really lonely, and it is the loneliness that triggers these thoughts. But I am also full of fight. So I'm going to run and I'm going to write and I'm going to serve those customers and serve them well.

What if everywhere you end up, you are there because you are needed. If I can find the adventure in myself that I found on the road, then this summer will be more than a waitressing job at Lopez Island. I hope you try something you think you can not do and I hope you fail and cry and sweat and realize that no matter where you are, it's exactly where you're supposed to be.

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  1. Maddie, I absolutely loved this post! Your insight is incredible - thank you for sharing. I would love to accept your (somewhat daunting) challenge and share my experiences with you! -Jenelle