Phone Calls and Fake Proposals

8:32 PM

I can easily remember the first day of calling in the office. I was google searching and calling each and every church I could find in the entire South Connecticut area. I found one church out of the blue and finally found the courage to give them a call. My voice, shaking the whole time, trying to explain to the Pastor who we were and asking if they would allow us to come speak at their church. And the most beautiful thing happened, they said yes.

I can not fully explain it. Sitting on stage about to be introduced, I was getting in the mindset for the 82nd presentation of tour. Expecting the critics, the skeptics, rehearsing every answer in my head. But all I found was love. I watched the entire film, for the 50th time and thought about how far this campaign has come, how far my team has come, how far I have come. Then they prayed for us, our journey, Boni's country and the surrounding countries, Jason and his family, and strength for our team. And by the end of it, I was crying on stage, arms outstretched, so blessed that God sent these people to me that night.

Something I will never forget is a young boy, probably around 12 years old, coming up to me after the presentation. He stuck out his hand like a gentleman and introduced himself to me. He told me that something changed in him. He was eloquent and wide-eyed, I honestly do not think that he blinked the entire time. There was no time to blink, his world was being rocked. He wanted to do more, anything. I pray that he doesn't forget what that felt like. I pray I don't forget what caused him to feel that way.

When I made that call in the office, I had no idea what type of impact this presentation would have on people. I also had no idea that the girl who could hardly make it through a phone conversation would have the ability to confidently speak to an audience of over 500 people about a story that changed her life. That's the crazy thing about God, you see his power the greatest when you are on the other side of the mountain and you cant explain how you made it over.

Tomorrow is the last Monday of tour, the last week of this insane adventure. The last chance I have to share this story. Next Sunday, we will be hauling back to San Diego. Across the country in 2 1/2 days. Wish us luck? Let's hope our cracked windshield holds out until then.

With a whole lot left unsaid,

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