Atrocities prevention

6:15 PM

Last week, Ben Keesey spoke at the white house on the board of a panel discussing the holocaust and other worldly atrocities. The theme of this conference was "never again". It took the concept that we will not let genocide type atrocities happen in front of our eyes.

I remember being 10 years old and reading the diary of Anne Frank. It crushed me. Even I, as a 3rd Grader, understood the depth of how wrong it was. Reading the diary of Anne Frank you wouldn't think that similar things were happening these days. Let me tell you, it's happening. And not just in the LRA affected regions but all over the world.

Fighting for social injustice, I believe, runs through my veins. I think it must run through yours as well. Who better to realize human error than humans? And who better to hold them accountable than humans? We have to hold mankind accountable.

Why is it that one American girl is kidnapped and the entire nation rallies to look for her when over 30,000 ugandan and congalese are kidnapped and it takes years to figure out if we should do anything about it. Are they not as valuable of humans? Do they not experience the same level of pain that we do? How horrible it is that just now I implied that "we" are Americans when "we" should be humans.

Genocide fascinates me. It screams, "your life is not as important as mine, you and your people don't matter." How do we allow people to get away with that? The answer to that question is, we won't anymore.

I don't think this world is bad. I don't think people are bad, although this tour has persistently tried to convince me otherwise. What I think is that we are a people adjusting to a different type of world. I have seen such glimpses of good and I think that what we have to do is take that into the darkest places and spread it like wildfire. Norbert Mao said last week that this movement has "shaken the fence of indifference so hard that anyone still standing looks ridiculous". These conversations are happening and now Obama has created an atrocities prevention board focused on making sure these issues are addressed.

I look at the progress of kony 2012 and I'm humbled. There are so many days my work seems menial, but kony 2012, controversial as it has become, has forced the government and the people of over 46 Countries to discuss what it means to protect each other. If you are friends with me on facebook or if you follow me on twitter, you probably are driven up the wall by the mass amounts of articles that I have posted recently. But I somehow have to share with you how much progression I see in humanity. Not just in my life but globally and I don't want you to miss out. I want you to take it in, taste the development and then demand more.

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