Week one.

5:32 PM

I'm so overwhelmed with love and action, and love in action for that matter. Today marks week one of tour, nine more and I will be on my way back to San Diego after reaching 30-40,000 people.

My team and I reflected on our first week at a local coffee shop over matte lattes. We are in such a good place relationally and our screenings consist of reenacting our favorite you tube videos and breaking out in flash mob. We learned in relational training that to know all is to understand all and to understand all is to forgive all. I find myself understanding them, every little quirk and ism. We have definitely surpassed the honeymoon stage and we have turned into a family with its share of problems but more importantly its share of love. Again with the love, I can't get enough.

Talking about love, I am blown away by provision and hospitality. On the road we are housed by host homes. Whether it's exquisite dinners or warm towels, I am well cared for.

I'm blown away by people in general. Teachers are risking their jobs so that their students can care about something bigger than themselves, host homes are waking up at 5 in the morning to make sure roadies have breakfast, hair schools are cutting and styling our hair for free. Why would they do this, why does it matter? I love theories and I'll tell you one of my favorites. I believe with all my heart that the human race, if given the opportunity to be a part of something good and something right, they will show up. People are showing up all over the country and this campaign is going viral. Change is happening, I feel it in my bones that history is forming, it is being shaped by every small action step we take. This is a movement because it involves us all.

This is random but yesterday we were prayed over by a pastor of an incredible church. He said one thing that encouraged me beyond belief. He said "We shouldn't focus on the size of the problem but the strength of our God." I hope that gives you peace whether you are fighting to end the war in central Africa or you are fighting a war of your own.

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