Four Things

10:21 AM

My goal while on the road is to find four things a day that inspire me. Four beautiful things to keep me alive and keep me fighting. The road is tiring and the work can get monotonous. But I believe if I am able to find inspiration in the small bits of the daily grind, I will be able to combat apathy in myself.

1. Quotes in schools. They are usually pretty cliche. My personal favorite growing up was the classic "shoot for the moon, even if you miss you will land among the stars". Doesn't that just make you want to change the world. Motivational quotes are my love language, just check out my pinterest...

2. Prayer. What is more inspiring than prayer? Our advocacy and efforts are nothing without it. Yesterday at the University of Delaware, amidst the blur of merch sales, I looked over to see a group of students in a prayer circle. My heart found peace and I was reminded that there is something bigger than me fighting on our side to see justice occur.

3. Local coffee shops. They are the underdogs, fighting against the current of Starbucks culture. They are the humble pieces that make up a town. I'm a fan of the underdog, and thir Yerba mate lattes.

4. Mulan. Because they gave us two sticks, and what else are we going to do with them but reenact the most wonderful fight scene in Disney history,

1,2,3,4 check and check. Inspiration is everywhere friends, absolutely everywhere.

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