1:51 PM

Before I received the Roadie position I was told that tour would be the most difficult thing I will ever do but there will be small magical moments that will make you remember why it has to be difficult.

Within 26 hours of the film's premiere, it has already received over 600,000 views. Oprah, Zac Efron, Kristen Bell and other culture makers have publicly stated their support. #stopKONY is trending WORLDWIDE. In fact, and have been getting so much attention that the site actually crashed (it's back now, no fear). This campaign is blowing up. I'm hearing from people who I went to high school with and random acquaintances from my past that they are all in. I get at least 5 text messages a day from people who see the film and want to know what they can do about it. My mom even made it her personal goal to educate the 30+ crowd (ah, she is such a gem).

I'm sitting in a Paul Mitchell right now after speaking to a group of future professionals and my eyes are welling up because I am watching people become empowered. I see something click in them and I recognize the fire in their eyes. It was the same fire I had three years ago. Sometimes I forget what it feels like, but days like today remind me.

Just 3 months ago I was sitting in my apartment, hands grasping my hair, feeling completely discouraged. I had exhausted my ways of trying to get people to care. I felt so restricted and so powerless. I always thought it took a great effort to make people care. It doesn't, people are viewing the film and they are taking on the responsibility to act.

To be 20 and homeless and experiencing revolution. There is nothing grander, nothing more magical.

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