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I was doing work at a local Starbucks when I walked out to the van to find Boni talking to a woman and her child. They were so excited to see our van and informed us that they already bought an action kit. She could tell I was exhausted and all of a sudden she started saying exactly what I needed to hear. She runs a non profit for local kids with special needs and she began to encourage me that opposition is inevitable, every non profit experiences it. She walked away and turned back a split second later. She grabbed my hand and said, "and just so you know, what you are doing is right".

The film went viral, our campaign has become bigger than any of us ever dreamed. And along with it came skeptics and critics. I don't blame anyone for being skeptical one bit, in fact I love questions and I want people to research it to its full extent, I promise it will lead back to action.

I have been involved in the organization since I was a senior in high school. I have studied this conflict more than I have studied for the majority of my classes. I have become incredibly close to those who have experienced the war first hand and I have researched every program Invisible Children has ever created.

To read some of the articles that people make in opposition to kony 2012 broke my heart at first. Not just because I gave up a semester of my life to fight for this but because every article has lost sight of the mission.

But this is what I realized. I know in my heart that this is worth fighting for, and while there may be a million critics in the world there are also a million supporters and I know that love will win every time.

For those of you who just discovered invisible children, I hope you check out the website and research the programs, they are unique and incredible. Kony 2012 is making history and you are a part of it.

For those of you who aren't sure what to believe you can check out invisible children's financials for free online at invisiblechildren.com/financials. this is also a great resource by John Beaton: https://www.facebook.com/notes/john-rudolph-beaton/visible-children-viewed-critically/10150614970287933

For those of you who are on board, don't let anyone discourage you because what you are doing is indeed right. Like Taylor swift (she signed on, holler) always says. "don't you worry your pretty little mind, people throw rocks at things that shine". You're shining, stop at nothing.

Love you. All of you, no matter what your views are, because you are human and therefore your journey is bound up in mine.

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