trust fall.

9:21 AM

When I was 17, I watched a documentary that would later reverse the pendulum in which I live my life. The film featured two boys whose stories I never thought I would be able to understand. However, their stories moved me to act and those actions brought me to San Diego this Spring . A few weeks ago, one of those boys became my teammate. His name is Boni. Whether it’s breaking out into dance, making chimpanzee faces, or barricading me into the van, Boni is becoming my brother. 

He, like myself, misses his family. Like myself, he jokes around and enjoys listening to Taylor Swift. And he, like myself, is living it up in his 20’s by taking on a great adventure on the road. Here’s the only difference I have found: he was born into a war, a senseless, pointless war. I can not begin to comprehend what it must have been like, I only know that he gives me new reasons every day to do what it takes to end this war. I can not wait for him to change the lives of high school students all over the East Coast.

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