living day 2

9:14 AM

Today marks day two of the road. This drive is revealing as I finally have the ability to unpack the experience thus far. 

I am tired. ridiculously tired. The road doesn’t care if you’ve driven 500 miles, it has no mercy on it’s voyagers. I have driven through miles of barren desert and miles of glorious mountains. I hardly believed cactuses existed until I saw them with my own eyes. I have seen a wildfire in Arizona, felt white sand in New Mexico, admired an amarillo sky and I am currently on my way to Oklahoma City.
I can hardly form sentences. But I am so alive.

Before we launched, we met on Mt. Soledad, the highest point in San Diego. We shared one last breakfast together and were given wisdom to carry with us. This is what I take with me: Many people go through life rarely living. In fact, there are only two instances you can be in where you are really alive: experiencing great pain and experiencing great joy. Coasting does not qualify, normal does not qualify. I am about to experience the most painful and most incredible points in my life on this tour. Either way, I just began a three month journey of living. 

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