6:58 PM

Today is my Mom's birthday. She is truly something to celebrate. So incredible of a woman she is, that words can't bring to justice the blessing she has been to me in my past 20 years. But today I thought I would give it a try. So here is a little snippet of Jennifer MacDonald:

She is convinced she knows the whole dictionary and will prove it in a game of scrabble.
She draws whimsical flowers in her church bulletin and gives nicknames to each and everything that she loves
She specializes in lunch time and morning notes religiously signed "mum"
She doesn't need big city lights or nights on the town but rejoices in homemade pizza and card games.
Her creative mind comes to the surface in eclectic gift wrapping and silly poems
She is intentional about sending letters embellished with uplifting verses and words of encouragement
She knows she is tone deaf but refuses to let it stop her from worshipping the Lord
She is ready with a hot water bottle when you're sick and a cup of tea on your early mornings
She is a hostess, a gardener, an interior designer, a teacher, an artist, and many times a therapist
She is an incredible woman of God but too humble to ever admit it
Her hands are sore because her works are great

Happy Birthday Mama, heres to you.

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