9:23 PM

I have this friend. she loves disney, pinterest and all things southern. but her beauty stems from her long line of sarcastic isms and the bliss that enters your ears every time she belts out a tune. Two weekends ago, I had the pleasure of staying at her house in Oglethorpe County, GA, ever heard of it? Neither had I. The first time I went there, her father, Stanley, asked me, "Madi, do you believe that places like Mayberry still exist?" If I didn't before, the five hour drive made me a believer. When you go to her hometown, when you feel the love of her nana (prounced nay-nay) and papa on Devils Pond Road and when you experience a Georgia Bulldog game in the presence of a true football fan that is her mother, you will begin to understand my friend. Just like her one-red light little town she is simple and lovely. With my friend, nothing is more fun than driving on the back roads of Georgia in the pursuit of a pseudo fashion shoot.

I love you Elisabeth Grimes, you are a beautiful gift and I can not wait for a boy to sweep you off your feet. thank you for gracing my first legitimate blog post.

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