10:16 AM

I prayed for disequilibrium at the beginning of my tour, and I got it.

Yesterday I was angry. I had just come back to the host home and was bombarded with news articles about our founder, Jason Russell.
To me it was devastating and unfair. My initial thoughts were,
How could he do this to us? To this organization? To the hundreds of students that I just spoke to that believe and support us?
That's when I realized, he wouldn't. He would never intentionally do anything to hurt us or the mission he has devoted his life to. It was out of character and could only be a result of severe exhaustion and stress. The Jason Russell that inspired us to live with intention and to fight for what we believe in made a mistake and proved to us that we are all human.

Before he was the face of the most viral video in history, he was a normal person. And a normal person should never have to undergo 80 interviews in 9 days. A normal person should not have to sacrifice food, water and sleep to protect his organization, to protect us and to protect his family. I can't comprehend the unfair criticism and attack he had to endure that must have led up to this point. Does that validate his actions? Maybe not entirely, it demands forgiveness but that is something we are capable of.

There was a split second and when I say second I mean hour when I wanted to give up and go home. I felt that it was over. That Invisible Children was over and that we had all failed.

Until I looked to my left and saw Boni. When Jason went to Uganda, he met Boni and he made him and his friends a promise. And without that promise Boni would never have been able to complete his schooling. He would not be able to go to university in September to study international relations. And he is just one of the many who have benefited from his vision. We have not failed and it is not over. My teammates quickly turned our anger into something positive. We picked ourselves up off the floor and realized this is not Jason 2012 this is Kony 2012 and the fight is still there.

We can't abandon our purpose because of this. We can't deny the events of yesterday but we also cant make it stop us. Take a look at lracrisistracker.com and realize that the war rages on.

If you do not believe that your voice is powerful, realize that the past week, some voices have contributed to an amazing movement while some have attempted to destroy a man. How do you use your power?

Jason Russell, you have held us up and inspired us for so long. You are a mover, a shaker and an activator. And yesterday reminded us that you are also human. But that doesn't take away from what you have accomplished.

You don't need to be strong right now, we will be strong for you and we won't let this movement die.

Stop at nothing does not mean stop when it gets hard, stop when there are critics, stop when you're tired. It means things are guaranteed to get harder but you have to keep moving and that is exactly what I intend to do.

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