Angels and Demons

12:52 PM

Today I met a demon and I rediscovered God.

Gabby and I were exploring Grand Central station when a teenage boy walked up to us. The more he talked to us, the weirder the conversation became. He told us his name which I would write here but it still makes me cringe to think about it. He went further to explain the meaning of his name and who he was. He told us he was a demon and the longer he stayed the more he demanded of us. From his eyes rolling back in his head to him whispering in my ear, I was frozen and frightened all at once. I wanted to know why he came up to us? Was he hopped up on E or were we literally under attack? I was shaken and discouraged and empty.

We walked about a mile to church, speechless the whole time trying to comprehend what had just happened. Oppression is fervent in my life right now. It chases me, it surrounds me and it spits in my face everyday.

We arrived at hillsong NYC church to find a line out the door. There was a split second when I wanted to turn around. I felt spiritually dead and that feeling tried to shame me into walking away.

We walked in anyway to realize there was no empty seats. The last thing I wanted to do was stand around but we stayed. I couldn't tell you why.

After an incredible worship service, the pastor got up and started to preach. He spoke directly to the demons floating around in my head. He told us to hold fast and to not lose our vision. And then he said one thing that revolutionized tour for me. He started talking about a viral video about stopping a mad man named Joseph Kony. My whole body went numb. Was he really talking about this from stage? Could i not even escape criticism in church? But it was not that at all, it was so positive and uplifting and humbling. He said that his family watched it together and after unpacking it, his two young daughters accepted Christ as their Savior. And that spread to the entire children's ministry and they experienced a large amount of salvation within the ministry. I was sobbing. This is so much greater than me.

There are so many people telling me I am wrong, so many people ready to write hate letters and ready to mess with our van. And then here was a pastor who had no idea I was in the audience, and he provided me the assurance that my God is for us. I am holding fast to that hope.

The demons have nothing compared to Him who has already overcome the world. They tell me to give up but I have a louder voice telling me that there is purpose to the pressure I find myself under. I can't stop and either can you. It is right and I see God working through me, through us, through this generation. We were made for great things such as this.

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  1. Maddie, this brought joyful tears to my eyes. I am so proud of you for leading this worldwide revolution. I am also proud of you for allowing God to mold you. THANK YOU for sharing!