I Just Love You.

1:28 PM

I woke up this morning to a bed fit for a queen, to a family arranging themselves into matching color-schemed outfits for a family photo and to a puppy that convinces me that I am the most important person in the world. Let me say that I am thankful. I am thankful for a loving family in Washington, a gracious sisterhood in Tennessee, my fellow world changers of Invisible Children's Fourth Estate, and my lovely roommates in Keeble 302 and 303. Mostly I am thankful for people, thankful for the human race and because I am thankful for that, I can not forget what it is that I love about people. Beyond the evil flashes I see in the world, I still believe the human race is good.

This marks my third month of fund raising for the Protection Plan. It has been just as rewarding as it has been discouraging. It has consisted of downfalls, roadblocks but also small victories. The most incredible part of the experience for me has been watching people, some close to me, and some who I have never met, rally around me and support me. Whether it is sharing the link to my fund raising page, buying a shirt, donating, tithing to me or just sending me small, encouraging words, you have impacted me greatly. It is you who make me believe in the goodness and kindness of humanity and it is your words and your actions that are encouraging me to finish strong. Support is the single most motivating gift that you have given to me. Because even if December 14th comes along and I have not met my goal, I have already accomplished more than I ever thought. You have to understand that there is nothing about the number on my fund raising page that reflects anything that I could do by myself.

Today, when I was reading the bible, I started to think about the many biblical times when the enemy was defeated. Like when Moses and his people defeated Pharoah and his army. When David killed Goliath, when Sisera was overthrown, when victory was taken over the Ammonites. And I realized that there will always be the oppressed and the oppressors. I am thankful for what Gary Haugen calls "Tenacious Hope". A hope that just as Moses took down Pharaoh, we can take down Joseph Kony because we have a Just God and a capable human race.

Today I am thankful for you, for even reading this, because even if you take time to listen to what I have to say you are supporting me. Your support is powerful, it is infectious and it is redeeming for me.  It is because of the human race that fighting this issue is important, and it is because of the humans in that race that we are going to receive victory over our oppressors. Holy cow, I just love you all. Happy Thanksgiving.


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