The Super Highway

2:49 AM

It's my favorite time of day at Eden House. It's 5 pm. The sun is peeking through the banana trees, illuminating the empty playground, with birds flying low amidst the constant crowing of the neighborhood rooster. I'm breathing in a new sense of balance from a sweaty yoga session & I'm seriously overcome with a new strength. 

I have been so used to constant movement, that I forgot what it is to be settled. There were moments in my first week that I found myself simply observing. I marveled at the hustle and bustle of 30 girls coming home from school with names I could hardly pronounce or remember; wanting so badly to connect and break through. Knowing that it might not come right away but surprised at how a game of candy land could gain me acceptance. 

The girls got out for break, and went back to their Akha Villages, but I'm filling my time volunteering at a local international school, helping ESL students. I'm so blessed with the opportunity, but missing those pretty little girls. I can't wait for them to be back in a few weeks.

The first few days brought some intimidating challenges. I looked at the keys in my hand to the pink motorbike outside and thought, "how am I actually going to navigate this thing around a foreign city?" I started speaking the Thai I learned only to realize the pronunciation was all wrong. I was in shock to realize that somewhere along the bus up North, that fear and doubt had crept back in. I had to stop and remind myself that this wasn't supposed to be easy, that's not why I came here. 

After a few frustrating thoughts, I found that the only person telling me that I couldn't do this, was myself. So I hopped on that bike and followed my new friend Gabby, to the dreaded Super Highway. Once we left the city and started heading for the jungle, I was hit with the reminder that I am capable. I am capable of adjusting to life here, and over time I'm capable of thriving here. 

Here's my personal life lesson of the week:

Don't let growing pains from new situations cause growing fears. Life is always going to present challenges, beginnings are usually going to be uncomfortable, but don't confuse discomfort with incapability. Whether it's a new yoga pose, or a new continent, allow your strength to rise to the top, and get out on that highway. 
PS: meet my new friend Gabby! She also likes to blog, do yoga and has a killer nail polish collection. Praise The Lord! 

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