3:12 PM

Today is my birthday. 

My attitude towards 22 as of late hasn't been one of great anticipation. 22 constitutes graduation, decisions, reality. When I was young, I imagined 22 being glamorous, I imagined by now I would have fallen in love, decided on a career, paraded in freedom and independence. And yet on the eve of my birthday I found myself with a fear that maybe 22 was just the beginning of a countdown to 30, that I was on a train moving without my consent.

But clinging tightly to my last few hours of being 21, my housemates surprised me with an impromptu dance party & midnight cake. With fake balloon bellies and Taylor Swift blasting over the ihome, you would think we had been drinking from the fountain of youth. What peace is found in innocence & roommates who usher you in to new eras.

Those same roommates and I experienced a rat infestation two weeks ago. Adulthood has a way of keeping you on your toes. I will say I had nothing against rodents until they decided to die in my walls, and then they became quite the inconvenience. In a matter of days, we googled houses for rent, signed a lease & moved into a rat free home. And I'll tell you that this new house is solid evidence that The Lord has the ability to take the things infesting your life and turn them into beauty. The beauty I've found is in the form of a sun room that has no other purpose but capturing light. If 22 means anything for me, it's the excitement of one more year of nest nights with the ladies who continually remind me how valuable it is to live in community.

I'm currently in the clouds. Some wonderful people blessed me with a flight home. And although sitting in a cramped seat with a bag of peanuts isn't the best way to celebrate a birthday, there is actually nowhere I'd rather be. Because on the other side is a group of people who brought me into this world & I must make it to them, to thank them in person for the ability they gave me to breathe and love and try to figure out life these past 22 years. 

Thank you to all the people that went out of their way to make me feel valued today, and for those of you that continually do that everyday. My phone hasn't been able to keep up with your love today, and it seems I'll be living on this 2% until I reach Seattle. What a blessing that red line is. I don't know about you, but I'm feeling 22 & I'm actually really okay with that. 

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