Lost & Found

5:16 AM

Today I watched three children throw up on my plane. I also watched "Safe Haven" four times in a row because my eyes couldn't focus on the latest Coupland novel I've been trying to get through. But here is the story of the day people:

I arrived at JFK airport at about 10:30. It was the first time my feet had touched American land in nearly a month, and somehow I felt more lost than I did on the busy streets of Kampala. I still have one more airport connection, a domestic flight and then a two hour drive before I arrive home in Tennessee. I'm about 26 hours past due for some sleep & I'm not really sure what time it actually is anywhere else in the world.

I found myself asking questions about my layover to the man at the customer care center. Instead of just answering my questions, he took me to a chair located behind those silly race car games that like to steal your money. The area was dark & secluded, you would never know it was there unless someone showed you. He had set up a foot stool out of empty luggage crates and from the window in front of me was a view of the city lights, the bustle of taxis and the constant countdown of stop signs.

He came and checked on me every twenty minutes or so, bringing me napkins or any other necessity I may ever need. Some might imagine that it would get annoying, but it was comforting, just to know that I had a friend here. At one point, he sat down across from me, and we talked. He told me that he has the best job in the world, because for the last 18 years, his job has been to find the people that are lost. From the conviction in his voice, I could tell that he had found his share of lost people. I asked him if he thought I was lost, he said a little bit, I think we all are. He told me about his wife, and India & the solace he found in that simple chair and footstool. He told me I reminded him of his sister if he were to ever have one, and then he prayed for me.

As I write, I'm watching him walk out of the airport after his ten hour shift. Ten hours of straight helping people. I could almost see a trail of light behind him, a reflection of those that came through this airport, all the lost and lonely, the ones passing through, the ones just ready to be home. He was blessed to point them there, wherever there was. I see the face of Jesus in people like Mohammed Alam, I want to exhibit that kind of light. In traveling, I have found that good people aren't bred here or there, they are everywhere. And I will pray that they always find you. 

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