June 13th: Trivia Night

7:07 AM

June 13th

We woke up this morning and headed down the street for breakfast. Sankofa cafe has become our favorite spot in Gulu. My mornings would not be complete without Ugandan tea, a banana and Sankofa’s delicious omelettes and french toast. We’re well on our way to trying everything on the menu and I’m not even mad about it.

We headed to the market and picked up fabric and other materials to help in making our bags. Drew has connections to some seamstresses who are willing to sew them for us. The fabric here is vibrant and whimsical, full of bright colors and patterns. While at the market, we grabbed some rice and beans and Papito cooked them for us for dinner. Surprisingly, rice and beans have been my favorite ugandan meal thus far.

Some of my most enjoyable moments have just been walking around Gulu. The town is always full of music, vendors and restaurants (they call them hotels). We run into interesting people everywhere we go, from white folks working for NGO’s, to local seamstresses, rugby players and Invisible Children alumni.

Besides learning how to properly handle cockroaches, a few hours everyday is usually devoted to learning new card games, reading and sharing music with each other. Living in an apartment with two Ugandan’s and four Americans means a constant exchange of cultural phrases and norms. It’s a full house here, in more ways than one.

After more rice and beans than a human should eat, we headed to BJ’s, a local hang out for “Trivia Night”. Every thursday, BJ’s has a trivia competition. The DJ asked the questions and in teams, we wrote down our guesses. And even with the collaboration of international minds, we still managed to lose. It wasn’t long before we forgot about our loss and just resorted to dancing. Innocent, Papito and Boni introduced us to some of their dance moves, and we introduced them to some of ours as well. If I can say one thing about Uganda, it is that they know how to dance, and once they start dancing, they don’t stop. I, however, had to take a breather a few hours in. Again, I have a lot to learn.

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