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My blogger app hasn't been working as of late, thanks IOs6. Not that it would make much of a difference. I have not had much time for writing and surprisingly that has been nice. I am full of an ecstasy that only comes from being busy and consumed by community. But every once in a while I find a moment like this to compose a few thoughts.

I am writing from a plane ride back to Tennessee. I was able to spend this past week in Seattle to be a part of my beautiful cousin's wedding. I'm sporting a lovely headache courtesy of the 5 solid hours I spent on the dance floor last night. It turns out my family still has some moves left in them.

Where did I leave you last? Oh yes. Well since then, a few thousand miles has passed. After a whole lot of fried fish and a summer of refocusing, I trekked back to Lee University. I wanted to share a few excerpts of my experiences/thoughts in the last few months since I have left the Island and entered back into the real world.

The Roadtrip:
My road trip back to school was composed of a string of roadie reunions. And roadie reunions, man, they are a good thing. To me, it provided closure for that season of my life. And a reminder that the things I loved about tour are still possible to find among a group of people who still carry that adventure with them. Like Danny Ramos, a middle school history teacher who still makes his bed into a fort. Or Natalie Blanton, who lives in the valley but makes daily trips to the mountains. Every state we pass ushered me into a new time of re-entry. There is indeed something about having miles behind you and miles ahead of you, beside a good friend who can understand your silence. And somehow, just like that, my Washington plates became a rarity.

The Roommates:
A few weeks ago, I got a bed. And everytime I walk in and see that bed frame, it is a reminder that I am planted. I love this nest. It is always full of good people, a cute babies laugh, a constant stream of Gossip Girl, and most importantly, a group of girls who find just as much enjoyment walking around in their underwear and big t-shirts as I do.

The Rug: 
The first week of school, I went to Big Lots. I bought a rug there. My roommate and I bought it, thinking we were purchasing a full floor rug. One that would cover our cold wood floor in the Winter. To our disappointment, the rug barely made use of 1/4 of our floor. But we left it, a funny little furry thing in the middle of our room. Even in the past few months, this rug has experienced a good amount of world. In fact, I am writing life on it right now. I would not give this rug up for anything because as small as it is, it can fit me and a good friend and sometimes that is all that matters.

Sometimes I feel like I only take up 1/4 of my potential. My biggest fear is someone expecting something of me only to find me an inadequate use of space. And then I have a God who sees my inadequacy but instead of taking me back to Big Lots, he uses me in ways larger than my potential. What a glorious God we serve.

The Resolution
"The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun"-into the wild.

I am certainly planted, but never stationary. Let me know if you ever want to swap stories. I would love to see life from your horizon. Thanks for being.

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